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Christmas Cards

Happy Christmas!
Stock Ref: JW-030
£0.80 per card
To Mum and Dad... Happy Christmas!
Stock Ref: JW-031
£0.80 per card
To my Brother Happy Christmas! ... It was the first time anyone had ever asked for one of those.
Stock Ref: JW-032
£0.80 per card
To Dad Happy Christmas! ... Santa realised he'd overdone it on the mince pies again.
Stock Ref: JW-033
£0.80 per card
It was the first time that anyone had asked for one of those.
Stock Ref: JW-034
£0.80 per card
After hearing a drunken declaration from Brian in accounts that he wanted to Shag a reindeer... ... Susan had come up with a cunning plan.
Stock Ref: JW-037
£0.80 per card

Stock Ref: JW-038
£0.80 per card
Merry Christmas! .... Linda was looking forward to serving Christmas dinner to her vegetarian relatives.
Stock Ref: JW-040
£0.80 per card
Merry Christmas! ....For some reason, the kids were always well behaved at Grandma's.
Stock Ref: JW-041
£0.80 per card
Merry Christmas! .... Deep Pan, Crisp and Even!
Stock Ref: JW-042
£0.80 per card
Merry Christmas! .... 'Yes, very ****** funny, Rudolph!'
Stock Ref: JW-043
£0.80 per card
To Mum Merry Christmas! .... The outside caterers had done their bit. Now she could get well and truly hammered.
Stock Ref: JW-044
£0.80 per card
Santa was quite specific about how many children had been good this year...
Stock Ref: JW-046
£0.80 per card

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