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After four Rum and Cokes Barbara was anybodys.
Neil was beginning to wonder if he was taking too much work home.
Another year older, and the only thing Lucy worried about was... ... the slight increase in unwantedfacial hair.
Paula was admired for her tact and diplomacy.
Peter was working hard to try and get this monkey off his back.
The boss was his usual happy go lucky self.
Andrew couldn't wait for his email account to start working again.
'I suppose you think that's funny' he sighed.
Tina had carefully selected 'dress down Friday' to ask for a pay rise.
Hilary was beginning to regret her decision to go for second helpings of triple chocolate fudge cake sunddae.
She wondered if it was time to consider contact lenses.
Smoking areas at Simon's offices had been drastically reduced.
Tim wondered if he'd had too many espressos!
After three days at Glastonbury, even Pete accepted that he was ready for a good wash and shave.
James had finally worked out how to turn the damn thing off.
George listened intently to his wife's every word.
'It's amazing' thought Mike. 'How is it I can spend only two minutes in the bedroom and still look this good?'
You ain't seen me, right? Happy Birthday
Joanne felt that working from home had its advantages.
Kevin had finally conquered his fear of presentations
Who needs men?!
Helen had solved
Claire had gone a little over the top in her attempt to look busy.
'Tell me honestly... does my bum look big in this?'
Shelia wondered if she had overdone the collagen injections.
Reg was very proud. 78, and still with all his own teeth.
After some quiet contemplation, Harry decided that the best thing to do... was absolutely nothing!
Her owner might want to walk everywhere for 'fitness' reasons... ..but that didn't mean she had to!
Would you believe it... a last minute penalty to United!
Dave was a little peckish...but deadlines are deadlines.
For the team building exercise Steve listed everything he liked about his job and his colleagues.
Sharon and Tracey had overdone the eye shadow again.
Bruce had struggled to adjust since relocating from Australia.
Richard was a little over-protective about his stapler.
Everyone listened symathetically to Linda's hair saloon horror story.
Which ever way he looked at it, Phil had it tough. He was ginger, AND going bald.
Deep down George knew the meeting could have gone better.
Mr. Watkins was ready to take on Class 7B.
John knew if surgery didn't work out, he could always get a job in customs.
Sure, it was noisy. But for 1.98 return Nigel wasn't complaining.



Personalised Greeting Cards